Terms and Conditions

  • Free access to Community Musician's online music library through the Community Musician App for next 3 years. For absence of doubt, does not include any music that is not available in the Community Musician App "public library." 3-year period starts from the date Community Musician has final close on the Crowd Funding campaign launched in 2022.
  • 50 Collectible Music Cards Free – assumes investor is an artist or is sponsoring an artist. If the investor is a sponsor they must execute a triparty agreement between the investor, artist and Community Musician which will be provided by Community Musician. Artist must own the IP and all rights to the song and associated graphic art. For absence of doubt the 50 cards will be identical copies of a single song/album and associated graphic art. Investor/Artist will own the cards and have the right to sell them at any price set by the investor/artist with no remuneration to Community Musician. Cards delivered by mail (U.S. and Canada residents only) within 60 days of closing the Crowd Funding campaign launched in 2022.
  • 20% off rehearsal space rental at any Community Musician location for 6 consecutive months. Must be used within 3 years from the date CM closes the Crowd Funding campaign launched in 2022. Not available for existing customers of Puddletown Studios. 20% discount is applied to the standard price for the room and cannot be combined with other discounts and/or special offers. Investor discount limited to a single use (i.e., can use the discount only one time) and on a single room (i.e., cannot rent 10 rooms at 20% discount).