Community Musician Reforms and Re-Forms the Music Industry

While the Music Business Flourishes, Musicians Miss Out On Revenue and Opportunities.

Community Musician is selling shares to begin to shake up and redirect the current music marketplace.

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  • Scott Arey

    Public Company CFO and Lifelong Musician

    An accomplished musician and composer who still actively records and releases new material, Scott Arey has spent most of his career helping entrepreneurs grow their companies and then unlock hundreds of millions in shareholder value. His goal is to completely re-make the music industry and give birth to a renaissance of creativity and quality that supports the people who create the value, the musicians.

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The Problem

The pay gap between artists and major corporations is unsustainable

When it comes to music revenues, the pie keeps getting bigger while the artists struggle with slivers. An industry can't survive by crushing its own backbone.

Streamers and tech platforms have too much control

The gateway from musicians to the fans who love them is narrow and expensive. By the time the gatekeepers take their cut, there isn't much left.

The Solution

Investing in rehearsal space sows seeds for the future

Every professional space needs its minor leagues. By encouraging and developing new talent, we build a viable pay system for tomorrow's stars.

Artists decide who hears what.

Our direct-to-consumer distribution plan, which uses blockchain technology and Collectible Music Cards, is the workaround that gives musicians the leverage they need.

Invest in Music Near You!

Investment Perks/Offer

For a minimum investment of $500, the investor receives free access to the Community Musician music library for three years, 50 Collectible Music Cards with the investor's song/album, and 20% off rehearsal space rent at any Community Musician location for six months.

Invest in Music Near You!

Terms and Conditions

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Invest in Music Near You!

Invest in a revolutionary re-working of music development and distribution that we believe can capture as much as 5% of the $142 billion market by 2030.